On reading

So this is it.  Matt is writing a new blog.  That’s incredible, you say.  And you’d be correct.

I’m Matt.  A guy who works in the mental health/addiction field.  That means I’ve got a lot of paperwork to do, and a lot of work-related reading to get to, but reading for fun has always still been a priority.  Throughout graduate school, when everyone around me had abandoned reading anything that didn’t have ten professional journal citations, I kept reading for fun.

And reading SHOULD be fun, right?  It shouldn’t be one of those chores we keep putting off.  We should relish every chance we get to read anything we can get our hands on.  Within reason, I suppose.

So this blog is happening now.  The last time I touched my prior blog was (according to WordPress) around six years ago, which makes me sad. I enjoy writing, and depending on the day or month, do quite a bit of it. But it’s always been consistently difficult for me to keep writing. So this blog will serve two purposes: making me write, and convincing you to read good books. Reading is something that matters to me so much that I’m hoping writing about reading keeps me writing. Because writing is the thing I can’t keep on doing–I’m in zero danger of not reading.

Here we go.  Thanks for reading my writing about reading.

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